Panel Builder is an Instrument Package that allows the creation of custom Instrument Panels to interface with various flight simulators. Panel Builder operates completely outside of any supported  flight simulator software. An interface for each flight simulator currently supported is included.

The instruments can be run on the same computer as the flight simulator. The preferred installation for complex instrument panels is to have the instruments installed on a separate, networked computer.

Most instruments contain a configuration option that is accessible via a settings menu option. This is used for setting ranges and/or color bars on the instrument. This enables using the same instrument for a slow piston powered airplane or a high performance turbine powered airplane.

Panel Builder is sold as a base package that contains 6 analog instruments. Additional Instrument Add-On packages add instruments as required for each application. There are generic instrument packages, like the Analog and EFIS Add-Ons or Aircraft and Helicopter type specific instrument packages.

For a complete setup, you need the Panel Builder Base Package and one or more Add-Ons. The Professional and Commercial Versions include licenses for ALL instrument add-ons. Download them via the link provided in the Add-On Sections.

Instrument Add-Ons can be downloaded and installed into a licensed version of Panel Builder 3. All Add-Ons are running in trial mode (instruments are visible for 10 Minutes) until the add-on is activated. See the User Manual for instructions.

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  • Suitable for all single and multi engine aircraft types (depending on Add-On)
  • Covers Piston and Turbine Engines (depending on Add-On)
  • Design an unlimited number of panels
  • A Background Image can be assigned to each panel
  • Multi-Screen support
  • Instruments are configurable for different aircraft performance data
  • Instruments are scalable to fit all sizes of monitors
  • Dials and buttons on instruments are functional!
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Build Pilot and Co-pilot Panels (independent Copilot Instruments for X-Plane only!)
  • Includes Interfaces for X-Plane 9, 10, 11 & 12, Microsoft FSX & 2020 and Prepar3D V3, V4, V5 & V6
  • LUA Interface Add-On for A2A C172 and PA28 included for free
  • Fixed Wing and Helicopter Instrument Add-Ons available

Note: All prices on this page are in US Dollars


Major changes compared to Version 2.X

Panel Builder 3 (Base)
We offer Academic discounts for qualified institutions. Please contact us.

The Panel Builder package contains all software to operate an external instrument panel. It supports the following Flight Simulation Software:

  • Laminar Research X-Plane 9, 10, 11 & 12
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) & FSX
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3.4, V4.5, V5.X & V6

All interfaces are included. Interfaces for MS2020 and Prepar3D are external interfaces that connect automatically to the simulator. The X-Plane Interface is a plugin that starts automatically with X-Plane.

Only the standard six instruments are included. For additional instrument packs, choose from the sections below.

Home Version - Only for home use. Commercial applications are not permitted! Purchase Add-Ons below.
Commercial Version - Unrestricted use. Add-Ons are included free of charge, simply download from below.
Buy Commercial Version - $440.00 Buy HomeVersion - $29.95 Buy Professional Version - $99.95
Professional Version - Only for home use.  Add-Ons are included free of charge, simply download from below.

Panel Builder 3 General Instrument Add-Ons (requires Panel Builder 3 Base)
Note: Any add-ons listed on this page will not work with Panel Builder DCS or Panel Builder Condor or with any Gleim Aviation, FlightSimWings, or Flight Velocity provided product!
(Click on the images for a list of included instruments)
(Click on the GPS Images for the user manual)
Analog Instruments
Panel Builder 3 Analog
This instrument set includes over 100 Analog Instruments.

Panel Builder 3 MFD GPS
The MFD GPS is a GPS suitable for use with the Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Frame.

Note: Features can be updated via a Navigraph subscription.

Panel Builder 3 EFIS GPS
The EFIS GPS is a fully featured GPS matching the EFIS Frames in the EFIS Instrument Add-On.

Note: Features can be updated via a Navigraph subscription.

EFIS Instruments
Panel Builder 3 EFIS
This instrument set includes over 100 EFIS ('Glass Cockpit') Style Instruments.

Panel Builder 3 Switches
This instrument set includes 29 Switches, optimized for touch screens.



(Click on the images for a list of included instruments)
Panel Builder 3 Aircraft Specific Add-Ons (requires Panel Builder 3 Base)
Beech B1900
Panel Builder 3 B1900
This instrument set includes 32 B1900 type specific Instruments.

Panel Builder 3 Glider
This instrument set includes 27 Glider specific Instruments.

Beech King Air C90B
Panel Builder 3 C90
This instrument set includes 35 C90B type specific Instruments.

deHavilland Chipmunk
Panel Builder 3 Chipmunk
This instrument set includes 9 Chipmunk type specific Instruments.

Grob 115 'Tutor'
Panel Builder 3 Glider
This instrument set includes 16 Grob 115 specific Instruments.

Comco Ikarus C42
Panel Builder 3 P51D
This instrument set includes 14 Ikarus type specific Instruments.

P-51D Mustang
Panel Builder 3 P51D
This instrument set includes 20 P51D specific Instruments.

Light Aircraft
Panel Builder 3 Light Aircraft
This instrument set includes 21 Light Aircraft style instruments from Kanardia and VDO.

Panel Builder 3 Airtractor
This instrument set includes the MVP50 Engine Monitor (configurable).

Beech B58
Panel Builder 3 B58
This instrument set includes 24 B58 type specific Instruments.

Britton-Norman BN-2
Panel Builder 3 BN2
This instrument set includes 26 BN2 type specific Instruments.

Cessna C172
Panel Builder 3 Analog
This instrument set includes 13 C172 type specific Instruments.

Pilatus PC7
Panel Builder 3 PC7
This instrument set includes 24 PC7 specific Instruments.

Pilatus PC12
Panel Builder 3 PC12
This instrument set includes 16 PC12 specific Instruments.

Piper PA24
Panel Builder 3 Spitfire
This instrument set includes 26 Piper PA24 Comanche type specific Instruments.

This add-on has been designed for the A2A PA24 Add-On for MSFS2020.

Supermarine Spitfire
Panel Builder 3 Spitfire
This instrument set includes 24 Spitfire type specific Instruments. Also suitable for deHavilland Mosquito and other British WWII era aircraft.

Piper PA28 & PA38
Panel Builder 3 Spitfire
This instrument set includes 27 Piper PA28 & PA38 type specific Instruments.


Panel Builder 3 Helicopter Specific Add-Ons (requires Panel Builder 3 Base)
(Click on the images for a list of included instruments)
Helicopter (Set)
Panel Builder 3 Helicopter
This instrument set includes 48 'generic' Helicopter specific Instruments.
R22/R44/R66, B206, Lynx, Mosquito and BO105 specific instruments are also included.

Bell UH-1H 'Huey"
Panel Builder 3 Huey
This instrument set includes 25 'Huey' type specific Instruments.

MBB/Kawasaki BK117
Panel Builder 3 BK117
This instrument set includes 28 BK117 type specific Instruments.

Eurocopter AS350
Panel Builder 3 AS350
This instrument set includes 27 AS350 type specific Analog Instruments.

SA392M 'Gazelle'
Panel Builder 3 Gazelle
This instrument set includes 15 Gazelle type specific Instruments.


- Added - A2A PA24 Comanche Add-On
- A2A Lua script for PA24 for MSFS2020

Improved - X-Plane Custom Data - Simplified format for entering datarefs. Added 4 Custom Switches (Switches Add-On).
- Fixed - Bug in Automatic Panel Switching when not using Prefix/Suffix.
- Fixed - Prop Sync Indicator for FSX/P3D

- Improved - Analog Add-On - Select data source for HSI (HSI,NAV1,NAV2)
- Improved - EFIS Add-On - Select data source for HSI (HSI,NAV1,NAV2)
- Improved - Switches Add-On - Added Alternate Static Air for Slider
- Added - Air Tractor (MVP50) Add On
- Added - Support for X-Plane Custom Datarefs - Manual is installed automatically and placed on desktop
- Added - Annunciator Round Custom, Annunciator Round Custom 2 and Annunciator Square Custom (for X-Plane only to support custom datarefs)


Added - New Panel Builder License - Professional - Home. Includes all Add-Ons free of charge, just download and install.
- Added - Airbus/Eurocopter AS350 (Analog Instruments) Helicopter Add-On
- Added - Grob 115 'Tutor' Add-On
- Fixed - Various small cosmetic fixes


- Improved - All Add-Ons - Improved Sideslip Indicators
- Improved - EFIS Add-On - Selectable AI source for X-Plane (like HSI)
- Improved - EFIS Add-On - Color Arcs for EGT
- Added - Interfaces for X-Plane 9, X-Plane 10 (32bit) and Prepar3D V6
- Fixed - PC12 Add-On - Autopilot YD Button
- Added - Analog Add-On - APU EGT Gauge
- Added - Analog Add On - Bendix King KAP140 Autopilot


- Added - Panel Builder now supports multiple instances. See User Manual for more information.
- Improved - EFIS Add-On - Improvements to several instrument configuration options


- Added - PA28/38 Add-On: Manifold Press & Fuel Flow Combo Instrument
- Added - PA28/38 Add-On: Buttons for AP Master and AP ALT Hold
- Improved - PA28/38 Add-On: RPM Gauge, 2nd Red Band
- Improved - PA28/38 Add-On: Turn Coordinator / Autopilot STEC-30 is functional now (except SD Mode - not supported)
- Improved - EFIS Add-On: Yellow Color Band trigger warnings (just like red)
- Improved - EFIS Add-On: RPM - Added 2nd yellow and red color band - better support for helicopters
- Added - EFIS Add-On: Fuel Qty Gauge - fully configurable for different units (gal, liters, lbs, kg)
- Fixed - Analog Add-On: ITT Color Band setting working correctly now.
- Fixed - All - AI Pitch Adjust working correctly now.
- Fixed - EFIS Add-On: CarbTemp fixed settings.
- Added - Analog Add-On: Additional Annunciator Lights with expanded functionality (label on top of switch)
- Improved - All - Annunciator Engine - Added Engine Starter (1-4) Status.


- Improved - Software Activation
- Improved - Increased number of USB input devices from 10 to 50 (for mapping buttons)
- Added - GPS EFIS: Wide version to match EFIS Wide PFD
- Added - Helicopter Add-On: BO105 Instruments
- Added - Spitfire Add-On: Enable Multi Engine Instruments, Oxygen Instruments (X-Plane)
- Fixed - Spitfire Add-On: Boost Gauges.


- Added - Instrument Add-On for BK117
- Added - Interface for X-Plane 10


- Added - Switches Add-On (X-Plane) & Interface : APU and External Power (GPU) datarefs
- Added - Switches Add-On (X-Plane): ButtonHold & ButtonHold2
- Added - PC12 Add-On: Generator Volts & Load as separate instruments
Improved - Installation of Add-Ons, now automatically selects correct install folder.
- Fixed - X-Plane 12 Interface : updated to new Flaps datarefs


Added - Interface for Prepar3D V3.4
- Added - Improvements to LUA scripts to handle local variables (P3D, FSX & MSFS2020)
- Fixed - Panel Builder crashes when removing USB device

V3.1.1 - (Internal Version only - no public release)


- Added - Support for the X-Plane 12 (Pre-Release).
- Added - Enable a 2nd copy of Panel Builder on a second or third networked computer.
- Added - Show Monitor Numbers when using 'Move To...' function
- Added - Chipmunk Instrument Add-On


- Added - Pilatus PC12 Instrument Add-On
- Added - Analog Engine Instruments (in all Add-Ons): 'Require Battery Power' option
- Fixed - ButtonMapper for Copilot Instruments
- Fixed - Other small visual enhancements & minor bugs


- Fixed - EFIS Add-On: MFD Frame Page Display
- Fixed - Helicopter Add-On: R22/R44 Engine Panel
- Fixed - Analog Add-On: ADF Card Dial
- Fixed - Analog Add-On: COM & NAV Radio Swap Buttons
- Added - Analog Add-On: Annunciators for Switch Status
- Added - Glider Add-On: Airspeed Indicator Ventus 3-15
- Added - PA28/PA38 Instrument Add-On
- Added - Comco Ikarus Instrument Add-On
- Added - Panel Background Show Grid Option
- Updated - LUA script for A2A PA28 for Autopilot LEDs (for use with PA28/PA38 Instrument Add-On)


- First Public Release of Version 3.0
- For features refer to the User Manual.
- Review our YouTube Video for major changes compared to Version 2.X.
NAV DB Updater
Use this utility to update any Panel Builder (GPS) and CheckRide Navigation Databases.

Requires a Navigraph subscription!

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