This page explains the support options for BajuSoftware products. Use this form for support requests only, for general inquiries, use our contact form.


Technical support for all software products is provided via e-mail only. If you require product support, fill in the Support Request Form on this page. Be as detailed as possible. We respond typically with 24 Hours. Many support questions can be answered by viewing our FAQ (Frequently Asked Qustions), saving you from requesting support and time. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel. It contains videos about our products that might help.


Product updates are provided free of charge within a major version number. To update, go to the appropriate product page and download and install the trial version over your existing installation. You will receive the latest version. Your current software activation will stay intact. Please note that after updating your Panel Builder, it might be necessary to change your network configuration again because the configuration files might have been updated with a new version.

DO NOT UNINSTALL the existing software product of you are upgrading within the same major version number, it will remove your software activation!


Panel Builder is currently on Version 3.X.X and CheckRide is on 1.X.X. Any updates to versions prior to those current major versions require a paid update. There is typically a free update period for purchases made shortly prior to the release of a major version.

Upgrading from Version 2.X to 3.X requires that you uninstall the old Panel Builder Version to avoid conflicts with any changed interfaces. Any Panels you built will no longer work as the panel structure has changed. There is no old panel import facility. You need to recreate the panels in the new Panel Builder.




If you need to re-install an older product that is no longer sold, go to our legacy products download page.


Only for products purchased on this website. If you have a FlightSimWings product, contact them.

Only for products purchased on this website. If you bought a Gleim Aviation or FlightSimWings product, contact their support.