Panel Builder Condor is an Instrument Package that allows the creation of custom Instrument Panels to interface with Condor and Condor 2 Complete Soaring Simulator. Panel Builder operates completely outside of the flight simulator software. No interface is required, Condor exports data directly into Panel Builder.


The instruments can be run on the same computer as the flight simulator or on a networked separate computer.


Panel Builder Condor is sold as a complete package. No additional software is required.




  • 26 Soaring type Instruments
  • Multiple Airspeed Indicators for different Glider Types
  • Design an unlimited number of panels
  • A Background Image can be assigned to each panel
  • Multi-Screen support
  • Instruments are scalable to fit all sizes of monitors
  • Complete! Nothing else to buy.



Note: All prices on this page are in US Dollars

Panel Builder 3 Condor
Home Version - Only for home use. Commercial applications are not permitted.
Commercial Version - Unrestricted use.
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$ 39.95
$ 160.00
We offer Academic discounts for qualified institutions. Please contact us.

The Panel Builder 3 Condor package contains all software to operate an external instrument panel. All instruments are included. There are no Add-On Instrument packages.


Please note: Due to restrictions by the Condor Data Export facility, the barometric pressure for the Altimeter is fixed to 29.95/1013. Condor does not export it!


- Improved - Software Activation


- Version Number update only (to keep in sync with other versions)


- Version Number update only (to keep in sync with other versions)


- Fixed - Panel Builder crashes when removing USB device

- (Internal Version only - no public release)


- Added - Show Monitor Numbers when using 'Move To...' function


- Version Number update only (to keep in sync with other versions)


Added - Airspeed Indicator for Ventus 3-15
- Added - Panel Background Show Grid Option


- First Public Release of Version 3.0
- For features refer to the User Manual.
- Review our YouTube Video for an overview.